At APMC, we offer advanced, minimally invasive, treatments and procedures for a variety of 
chronic pain syndromes including but not limited to sciatica, stenosis, post laminectomy syndrome, discogenic syndrome, facet syndrome, RSD, shingles (post herpetic neuralgia) and cancer. 

Most procedures are performed under X-Ray guidance (Fluoroscopy) for improved localization and patient safety. 

For patients with chronic pain, our approach is multidisciplinary. We work closely with many 
other specialists (including spine and orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, oncologists, physical therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists) to optimally coordinate patient care.

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The Advanced Pain Management Center (APMC) is a comprehensive pain management center providing excellent care in the Las Vegas valley area. Satish Sharma, M.D. is an active staff member at Southern Hills and Spring Valley Hospitals. 

We pride ourselves in having a professional, experienced team of certified health care specialists who 
attend to the patients in a compassionate and relaxed environment.
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Satish Sharma, MD & Kunal Parikh, MD